Monday, July 18, 2011

Greek Burgers and Salad

Greek Salad:

- Romaine Lettuce
- Tomatoes
- Kalamata Olives
- Cucumber
- Dressing:
   - Red Wine Vinegar
   - Olive Oil
   - Garlic
   - Oregano
   - Dijon Mustard
   - Sugar
   - Lemon Juice

- Medium ground beef
- Greek feta, crumbled
- Kalamata olives, pitted and chopped
- Whole wheat bread crumbs
- Oregano
- Onion
- Salt and Pepper
- Brushed with Olive oil and rested on baking tray in fridge covered
- Greek Yogurt Sauce
   - Greek Yogurt, plain 1 cup
   - Cucumber, seeded peeled half grated
   - Lemon juice
   - Olive Oil
   - Avocado, half chopped

BBQ on high for 5ish minutes per side on just less than full

Serve on freshly baked bun (toasted optional), 2 tbps of yogurt sauce, 2 slices of cucumber and a slice of tomato.

Great recipe, almost tasted like a Souvlaki.

Finished Product!

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